Catching the first sun

Everybody seems to be waiting for the sun to break through, 
and enjoying the brief moments when it's there.


Le Vélo Nouveau de Bxl est Arrivé

A new bicycle is born in Brussels!

Jean-Philippe Geurkens (aka the very friendly face of Point Vélo Central) and some other bike-lovers saw the number of people cycling in our city growing and growing... and decided to make some business out of it. Their dream: to bring bicycle production back to Brussels in the VELOFABRIK.

VELOFABRIK fabricates and sells elegant & practical bicycles and the cooperative also has a strong social dimension: the bicycles will be hand assembled by Brussels workers and almost all of the components are produced in Europe (Belgium, Germany, Portugal, etc).

Need a new bike for this upcoming spring? There is still a possibility to order one of the 500 bicycles of the first produced edition in 2015! Want to know more? Visit the atelier on 26th March and learn about this beautiful cooperative https://www.facebook.com/events/1553727258241683/


This is how we roll!

Get ready for tomorrow, it's Winter Bike to Work Day! All over the world, thousands of people are participating. If people are cycling in winter in Canada, Finland and Russia... we sure can do too in Belgium!

So this is how we roll here in Brussels:

All you need is regular winter clothes actually: gloves, hat and scarf...

And you'll get rewarded by the first sun beams of the year!


Ride the night

Meet Zoé: appreciated ECF colleague, cheerful young lady, brightening Brussels with her good moods & cycling around town in an elegant way (& wearing nice shoes!).
Would you guess she is also a bike mechanic?


Braving the cold, the cars & the hills

Three brave ladies, dressed warmly and fashionably for cycling & the city.
It's winter indeed, but keep calm & cycle on!