Ride the night

Meet Zoé: appreciated ECF colleague, cheerful young lady, brightening Brussels with her good moods & cycling around town in an elegant way (& wearing nice shoes!).
Would you guess she is also a bike mechanic?


Braving the cold, the cars & the hills

Three brave ladies, dressed warmly and fashionably for cycling & the city.
It's winter indeed, but keep calm & cycle on!


One new cyclist on the road

Thanks to a beautifully recycled bicycle that she received, Izabela from the ECF Office is now ready to ride through town. I don't know many people who start cycling in winter... very courageous!
But of course, she heard her colleagues for months talking away about the advantages and adventures they have cycling around Brussels. Welcome to the club Izabela and enjoy the ride!!!


Twee meisjes

Gentse fietsters in driekleur na de match tegen Algerije – vrolijk, uitgelaten en euforisch op de fiets – Go go Belgium!