This is so lavieestbelle

This lovely young woman is the archetype of a free-minded and very positive generation of chic french cyclers. Spotted in Paris, she knows how to combine fashion, simplicity and style!


Beauty and her shy beast

This lovely cyclist is taking it on with hilly Brussels since a couple of years now. Steering her beast around trams from time to time but never questions her own capacities. Doing and looking great, girl! And you make us proud, because you are so chic, too!

Of course we cycle! Brussels Park reveals

Yesterday I was stunned by the magic of this smart couple in one of our green lungs in Brussels. Stylish and so natural, they allowed me to be part of this for the second of this photo. This is how the future should look like: Green, chic and two-wheeled.  
A sight to behold!  
Love and peace to all the other smarties out there.


MAD BIKE & Car-free Sunday 2015

Mad Bike 2015

During the European Mobility Week, many events are organised to promote smart mobilities as an alternative to single-person car trips. As usual during this week, planners, politicians and inhabitants talk about urban cycling and liveable cities. On Sunday, they walk the talk and in Brussels region, 19 municipalities have decided to ban cars for a day.


The festival MAD BIKE brings people together as well as being professional and trendy. It is based on urban mobility, showing off ‘bicycle culture' via bike exhibitions, bike demonstrations, professional get-togethers/round tables, bike and accessory exhibitors.

Mad Bike 2015

Mad Bike 2015       Mad Bike 2015

Mad Bike 2015

Car-free Sunday 

This Sunday, the usually crowed avenues of Brussels - Rue de la Loi, Rue Royale, Avenue de Tervueren... - have been turned into bike streets. 

Car-Free Sunday 2015

Car-Free Sunday 2015    Car-Free Sunday 2015

Car-Free Sunday 2015

Rue de la Loi - Many commuters would dream to see it car-free every morning. Car-Free Sunday 2015

Mongometrie: Photograph taken from a round-about that is usually not accessible to pedestrians.
Car-Free Sunday 2015


Bikes & Babies

Once upon a time in Brussels, the cutest little baby girl was born.

 Her parents mostly carried her around on a bicycle.

And they cycled on happily ever after!